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We use NeoPixel LED strips, while most everyone else uses simple RGB strips.

Ours are infinitely cooler.

6" sign with base - $45
9" sign with base - $65
Additional slides - $15

Shipping to all 50 U.S. states is $7

USB Powered

It's all about the pixels, man, the NeoPixels!

That's the secret sauce in my LED signs, while most others use simple RGB LED strips, I use the ultra cool, individually addressable WS2812B LED strips, otherwise known as NeoPixels.

In most other LED signs, where simple RGB LED strips are used, the entire strip of LEDs must always be the same color and brightness. With NeoPixels each LED can be a different color and brightness level. When you see one of my signs in person and it runs the Rainbow chase, you'll really see the difference.

Oh, and having a CNC machine to engrave the acrylic and carve out the wooden bases helps too!

Animated NeoPixel LED strip This is what NeoPixels look like, notice how they differ from other RGB LED strips. With NeoPixels, each LED can be a different color from all the rest while RGB LEDs have to all be the same color.